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FOMECAM TERRA, S.L. is a private company established in 2008 with the primary objective of providing environmental consultancy services and forestry works execution. Within these two fields, we can highlight the following company services:

  • Forestry and hydraulic infrastructures design and construction: rural roads, forest tracks for timber harvesting, hydraulic dams in streams and watercourses, firebreaks, ponds, reservoirs and hydraulic tanks for fire fighting.
  • Forestry and silvicultural works execution. Note that FOMECAM, S.L. has a large team of specialists on timber harvesting, forest clearing (felling and clearing), felling and pruning, and singular trees treatment using arboriculture techniques.
  • The company also implements land-management plans and projects based on the use, development and programming of computer applications for Natural Environment management.
  • Finally, the company has a nature protection team specialized in designing fauna and flora conservation plans, specifically in teh protection of endangered species of fauna.

FOMECAM TERRA, S.L. has its registered office in Ciudad Real, with a technical office from where it coordinates and directs the different projects and works carried out within the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha and in the outlying districts. FOMECAM TERRA S.L. has the following professional team:

  • A technical team specialised in Forestry Engineering (Forestry Engineers).
  • A technical team specialised in biology, conservation and recovery of endangered fauna (Biologists).