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Life LynxConnect

Creating a genetically and demographically functional Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus) metapopulation

Our goals are

To connect

all population nuclei

To increase

the overall population size

To ensure

prey availability

To minimise

non-natural mortality

To get

society involved in the species conservation

To innovate

in the species long-term monitoring

We implement these actions

  • Creating new nuclei and connecting existing ones
  • Managing the population on a genetic basis
  • Improving the Iberian Lynx and European Rabbit habitat
  • Making infrastructures safer
  • Disseminating the importance of wildlife conservation
  • Improving working methodologies
  • And many other things

We are 21 partners working on Iberian Lynx conservation

Supported by the LIFE Programme of the European Union


Lynxes in the wild in 2022


Distribution range size in 2022


Lynxes released since 2010


Cubs born in 2022

May 16, 2024

More than 2,000 lynx roam the Iberian Peninsula. CENSUS 2023.

The Iberian lynx population has grown exponentially since work began in 2002 to prevent the extinction of the species. The ...
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May 13, 2024

We have started recording new podcasts

We have started recording new podcasts LIFE LYNXCONNECT has begun recording a series of twenty podcasts on the history of ...
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April 28, 2024

Iberian lynx tracking tests a new level of sophistication.

Iberian lynx tracking tests a new level of sophistication.Our partner ICNF’s team in charge of monitoring and controlling the Iberian ...
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Collaborate with us

Gradually we’ll be introducing tools on our website so you can help us in the Iberian Lynx conservation, e.g. uploading to the website photos or videos of lynxes you have seen in the wild
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