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Associated beneficiary

WWF Spain is the Spanish section of WWF, the global environmental organisation. It is a non-profit, independent, multicultural and non-partisan organisation, founded in 1968 and declared of Public Utility in 1969. WWF works locally and globally for the conservation of nature in Spain.

WWF Spain offers realistic solutions, using the best available scientific information to address problems, seeking dialogue and avoiding unnecessary confrontation, building concrete conservation solutions through a combination of field projects, policy initiatives, capacity building and educational work; involving local communities and stakeholders in the planning and execution of its field programmes and establishing partnerships with other organisations, governments, businesses and local communities.

WWF Spain has been working on Iberian Lynx conservation for the last two decades, with several conservation projects, including two LIFE projects: LIFE 06/Nat/E/209 “Conservation and reintroduction of the Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus) in Andalusia" and LIFE 10Nat/ES/570 “Recovery of the area of the historical presence of the Iberian Lynx".

WWF Spain has been working on several LIFE Governance projects: LIFE15 GIE / ES / 000962 “The wolf in Andalusia: Changing attitudes"; LIFE15 IP ES012 “Integrated, innovative and participatory management of the Natura 2000 marine network in Spain"; LIFE07NAT/E/000732 “Inventory and designation of Natura 2000 marine areas in the Spanish sea" and LIFE16 GIE/DE/000661 “Improving human coexistence with large carnivores in Europe through communication and transboundary cooperation", among others.

Website: wwf.es