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Infraestructuras de Portugal S.A. is a Portuguese public company whose purpose is the conception, design, construction, financing, maintenance, operation, requalification, extension and modernisation of the national road and rail networks, including traffic control. Its mission is to provide a quality public service that contributes to national development and territorial cohesion.

TIt aims to provide a better quality of life for the people while at the same time promoting accessibility and proximity to customers. Its performance is based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Ethics: acting with respect for ethical principles, namely transparency, good faith and honesty.
  • Safety: acting with respect for people’s lives and physical integrity, the attribute that most marks our service.
  • Sustainability: performance-oriented towards economic, social and environmental sustainability.

About our commitment to sustainability, the company’s role in society and its duties in preserving the environmental and social quality of future generations is relevant, committing itself to promoting environmental efficiency in all areas. The assumption of environmental responsibilities is in the company’s strategy and practices. In this context, the consideration of environmental issues has been integrated from the infrastructure planning phase and subsequently in the design, construction and operation/maintenance, with a view to safeguarding legal requirements and with the ultimate aim of enabling the sustainable management of resources. The implementation of monitoring plans in the exploration phase of the road-rail infrastructure allows data to be obtained to verify the effectiveness of the measures implemented, enabling their correction and/or adoption of new ones.