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Associated beneficiary

The CBD-Habitat Foundation, founded in 1998, dedicates its efforts to biodiversity conservation, developing an intense activity inside and outside our borders with species such as the Mediterranean Monk Seal, Iberian Lynx or Black Vulture. We have broad experience in very different actions such as collaboration agreements, habitat management actions, improvement of wild rabbit populations, monitoring of lynx populations, photo-identification and catalogues of lynx, monitoring of Wild Rabbit populations, supplementary feeding of lynx, reintroductions preparation and monitoring, management of carnivore damage, publishing of awareness-raising material, etc. In particular, we have extensive experience in collaboration with private property (landowners, gamekeepers, managers, hunters, livestock farmers, the rural world, technicians, etc.).

In 1998 we signed a first collaboration agreement for the lynx on a state in Montes de Toledo. We use land stewardship in a systematic and sustained way in areas where lynx are present. We are very interested in the ecovery of rabbit populations to ensure lynx prey availability to maximise productivity. We use supplementary feeding when the densities of wild rabbits are lower than the requirements of the species. We have extensive experience with rabbit populations management through habitat improvements to increase the quantity, quality and spatio-temporal distribution of the rabbit.

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