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Associated beneficiary

The Diputación Provincial de Badajoz is the governing body and autonomous administration of the province of Badajoz, in accordance with the provisions of the Ley Reguladora de las Bases del Régimen Local and the Estatuto de Autonomía de Extremadura.

The primare función of the Diputación is to provide services that cannot be managed by the municipalities, especially the smaller ones.

One of the general objectives of the Área de Fomento of the Diputación de Badajoz is the planning, management and execution of investments in infrastructure, maintenance and improvement of the local road network throughout the province of Badajoz.

Extremadura’s road network managed by the Badajoz Provincial Council is 1920.5 km long, of which more than 600 km are within the areas of the current stable presence of the Iberian Lynx, so its participation in the LIFE LYNXCONNECT project is necessary, given the common interest in consolidating the reintroduction areas and connecting them together, for which defragmentation actions are still necessary.

The Diputación de Badajoz has carried out several actions on its roads to benefit the Iberian Lynx, mainly aimed at preventing trampling and improving their permeability.