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Associated beneficiary

Consejería de Desarrollo Sostenible is responsible for nature conservation through its Dirección General de Espacios Naturales y Biodiversidad. Their resposabilities are, among others:

  • Planning, programming, and establishing management guidelines and guiding criteria for the conservation, surveillance, protection, promotion, dissemination, awareness-raising, research and monitoring of regional biological, ecological, geological and landscape natural resources.
  • Study, protection, conservation and restoration of vegetation and natural habitats.
  • Preparation and development of the catalogue of threatened habitats.
  • The study, protection, conservation and recovery of wild flora and fauna species and their habitats.
  • Drawing up and developing the catalogue of endangered species of flora and fauna.
  • Inventory and cataloguing of unique trees and stands.
  • Management of ex-situ conservation centres for endangered flora and fauna species.
  • Drawing up and developing recovery and conservation plans for endangered species and fighting biodiversity threats.
  • Drawing up and developing of plans for the prevention and control of exotic species and invasive alien species.
  • Wildlife health, in coordination with the Consejería competent for animal health.
  • Management, shared with the General State Administration, of the existing National Parks in the region until their transfer.
  • Preparation of proposals for declaration and management of natural areas.
  • Drawing up management plans and actions for their conservation.
  • Assessment of the effects of programmes, plans and projects on the Natura 2000 Network and the issuing of the corresponding certificates, pronouncements and reports.
  • Planning and management of public use and nature tourism.